LNT Group Celebrates 10 Years at Head Office


LNT Group has celebrated 10 years at their Head Office, Helios, in Garforth by arranging for a Round Table event for staff with Chairman and serial entrepreneur, Lawrence Tomlinson.

CEO, Matt Lowe, had the idea of 'LNTalks - LIVE' for the anniversary celebrations as a way of saying thank you to staff - giving them the opportunity to ask those ‘need to know’ questions and get an insight into the business and personal life of their Chairman.  Matt also took on the role of interviewer at the event. 

Matt said, “I wanted to really engage staff in the anniversary celebrations as without them, we wouldn’t have been here for a decade.  There is a real entrepreneurial spirit that runs through LNT Group and Lawrence’s vision has seen that we get to where we are today and will continue to drive the business forward at pace.”

Some questions that were submitted from staff for Lawrence, which he answered with honesty and humour, included; ‘How do you define success’‘What achievements are you most proud of?’‘What is the vision for the Group?’, and ‘What football team do you support?’

Perhaps most telling was when he was asked “What would you like your legacy to be?”.  Lawrence joked that his wasn’t ready for a legacy at any time soon, and said “I would like to be remembered for giving my employees opportunities that they may not have had access to without LNT Group, and I try to help them be the very best they can be.”

Lawrence gave insights about what it is like to be at the top of his game, reminiscing about an old acquaintance who was rude to him many years ago, and then regretted it once Lawrence became so successful.  He also spoke about assisting up and coming entrepreneurs and why he enjoys being an entrepreneur himself - “you can make up the rules!”.  However, he continued that being an entrepreneur can also be a lonely role but the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

Lawrence established his first business over 30 years ago and moved to the large Helios offices at Junction 47 of the M1 in 2007 to be able to house all the businesses under one roof and continue to manufacture Ginetta cars in Yorkshire.  The offices and factory space have evolved considerably since 2007, now being home to nearly 200 employees and various new pieces of advanced equipment such as an autoclave, engine dynos and CNC facilities. 

Having recently published the latest accounts, LNT Group’s profits have demonstrated another year of strong financial performance with that set to continue in 2018 with the impending launches of Ginetta’s LMP1 car and care home software, CoolCare4, plus the growing portfolio of Ideal Carehomes and LNT Care Developments sites. 

LNT Group Dec 14, 2017